Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Midtown Loop


8 mile run through Midtown Tulsa.

On Saturday, Sophie and I went on the longest run I've done in several months. It was a eight mile loop through Midtown with a playground break at Veteran's park (along with several stops at garage sales). This kind of casual, exploratory approach is my favorite way to run.

On 33rd Place,West of Peoria, there's a little parcel of land along Crow Creek that remains undeveloped. It's not quite a park; the sign designates the area "waste-water management facility", although it was hard to notice any kind of management going on. Perhaps its a kind of access point for the city to get at storm drains that flow into the creek. Regardless, it's a pretty cool green space sandwiched in a highly developed neighborhood. Much more tranquil than the many of the concrete covered city parks we have.

Crow Creek

The "park"
This place deserves a name other than "stormwater management facility" though. maybe the local residents have one.

Between 18th and 15th street (14th in some places) there are some cool alleyways that run in between the major North South Avenues. They're great for running, as you don't usually have to worry about traffic.

Heading back South through Veterans Park.

And back home along the Rivertrails and through Maple Ridge.

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